Race 7.2 on CADEsport filled with skillz, thrills and spills as the tricky ending impacts the race ….

This was our second bespoke course on CADEsport built through their Replicator feature. This isn’t available to the public yet, we have had our bespoke local race routes made up exclusively by the devs at CADEsport for these races. CADEsport is aiming to introduce Replicator later this year with several ‘skins’ (scenery) to choose from but our first two races have used scenery not unlike the real life scenery around Windsor and Ascot.

Both routes have now been added to CADEsport’s list of maps (courses) that you can ride at any time, so why not go on there and try both Windsor Park Ranger and Ab Fab Ascot if you missed the actual race.

Windsor Park Ranger is a brand new course, a race through Windsor Great Park with some tricky bends as the race descends Crimp Hill (Where Elton John once lived) and winds into Old Windsor and Datchet. It was these bends, after some fast and furious racing, which proved the undoing of some riders, allowing Frank Garcia to escape and win as others crashed. It was neck and neck on the line for second place in a gripping sprint between Homer Thompson and Erhan Konakhlar … the tech telling us that Erhan nicked it!

Before the race CADEsport produced an excellent video describing the course, which is well worth a watch.

Sadly, one or two riders sufferred dropouts but we decided to award them points in this race based on when they droped out in relation to other rider. But we saw a 33% increase in entries which suggests that the series is on the way up! Make sure you’re in the next race on Wednesday 3rd May at 7.30pm on CADEsport’

Race 7.3 THE BRUNEL UNI CYCOLOGY STEER…….7.30pm UK time.   STEERING CRIT Brunel Uni Cycloogy Steer 7 LAPS 16km A flat route, with bends. Most of the bends are left hand turnsso it will be advantageoes to position on the left if possible,  You can view the route here 

If you want to race and be part of this ground breaking historic series, to find out more click HERE