Your weekend boxed set binge from West London Cycling

We’ve a great bundle of stuff to watch to help you avoid the BBC this weekend, starting with our latest two VR race preview videos. However, we should start by mentioning Mark Allard’s wonderful analysis of why he’s leaving Zwift. But, more relevantly, he has recently joined our TTT online racing team and his insight will be of particular relevance to West London Cyclonauts:

Get in touch if you’d like to be part of out TTT online racing team.


The first of our local insight videos previews the crit race around Brunel University in Uxbridge which will be raced over 7 laps in Races 7.3 in the online West London VR Series’. We rode around it in real lifeto give riders a feel for the actual roads and a preview of what they might expect in the online races. If you are local, you might just enjoy a bit of local scenery.

Next up, is the sensational Windsor Park Ranger course around Windsor Great Park and down Crimp Hill into Old Windsor and Datchet. This is Race 7.2 in the online series and this, again, is a real life preview. It has already been raced on CADEsport, and is upcoming on Wahoo RGT. CADEsport riders were raving about it.

CADEsport produced their own virtual preview of Windsor Park Ranger which you can watch here:

For an insight into our dual World Series events on online platforms, watch this: