Tuesday Night Racing at Hillingdon Circuit

Photo; Rod Sloane
Photo: Rod Sloane

We are very lucky to have one of the best racing series around locally, with Chris Denman’s Miche West Thames series on Tuesday nights. Even if you don’t race, it’s great to watch on a sunny summer evening. Why not go down and check it out?

Race times/Distance

6.30 p.m 4th cat race Approx 35 mins

7.15 p.m.Approx 3rd Cat race Race length will be dependent on light

7.15 p.m.. Approx E/1/2/3 Race length will be dependent on light

All lapped riders must drop out of the race with 3 laps to go.


These are minimum prizes and possibly down to the top 6 dependent on entries on the day

E/1/2/3 1st to 3rd Cash

3rd Cat men 1st- to 3rd Cash

4th Cat men 1st to 3rd Goods

Prizes will be presented on the day, there will be a podium for the top 3, it is intended to have the podium and prize presentation at the HQ. No prizes will be sent on, if you fail to pick up your prize on the day it will be forfeited .