Your West London VR Race 7.2 update update; don’t be late…. allow time for the RGT download Wedenesday 26th April at 7.30pm UK TIME

There are some great new changes to Wahoo RGT which were part of Tuesday’s update, but make sure you have enough time to update/download before West London VR Race 7.2 starts at 7.30pm UK Time on Wednesday 26th April

We had several issues with the latest WahooRGT update, so give yourself time to download the latest update before race7.2.

We had one rider miss the start of our TTT this week due to the way this has been effected, so here are some of our experiences:

The download took a while and then didn’t automatically open when downloaded.

We got a message saying that Windows Defender didn’t like it

We had to open it manually to execute the installation

It appears to have created a new Wahoo App, whilst the old one still existed on our machine.

As a consequence, several riders were clicking on the old app icon, such that when they opened it, they were told they needed to do an upgrade, which of course they’d already done.

We removed the old program from our machine as the two icons looked almost identical and this avoided confusion.

Apart from that … it was fine!

So, once you’ve overcome the upgrade, enjoy the race ….


 Watch Race 7.2 Live (or later) HERE

 ENTER RACE 7.2 Windsor Park Ranger HERE


We went out and rode the course in real life and are pleased to present our real life race preview which could help you strategise your race. It also gives those of you unfamiliar with the area a chance to see waht these caourses actually look like beyond the online racing scenery graphics. Enjoy!

We are also delighted that ZMS will be producing the live coverage with commentary of West London VR Race 7.2 on Wahoo RGT on Wednesday 26th April, broadcasting from 7.25pm (UK Time) with the race starting at 7.30pm UK Time

Expect a fast race on this new course.

As we enter the second race of West London VR Series Two, it’s Belgian superstar Wouter Claes at the top of the tree, but as it’s only one race into the series he only leads by a point and it could all change on Wednesday 26th April in Race 7.2.

We have a brand spanking new course for you too. The Windsor Park Ranger is, as usual, a 26km race, undulating in the first half, then mainly flat before a major descent, leading to a flat finish. But beware, there are a few twisting bends before the end and we recommend that you check out our preview videos below to get an insight.

 ENTER RACE 7.2 Windsor Park Ranger HERE


The current leaderboard


 ENTER RACE 7.2 Windsor Park Ranger HERE


Here is the route:

ENTER RACE 7.2 Windsor Park Ranger HERE