Next VEER, VR Action on CADEsport Wednesday 3rd May at 7.30pm on CADEsport … another brand spanking new course to discover. …. and Assists for beginners ….

It’s time for action, steering, braking, potential crashing on corners, thrills but, most of all skillz. Welcome to Race 7.3 in the World Series: West London VR Summer 2023. Race on the most advanced racing platform out there, it’s not just about power, it’s about brainpower too …. welcome to the Cycling VR-Skillz World Series on CADEsport. However, if you are a beginner, you can turn some of these functions off, although it is likely to slow you on corners if you do … hmmm, time to make a choice!

We recommend you enter in ProPower. You will be by default, using the assists. If you want to turn them off, click on the top right of the screen and choose to turn them off from the dropdown menu. However, leave the steering wheel colour ON as you will need the guide!

The new ‘Assists’ are now available for beginners, they will help you stop crashing on corners, but the auto braking means that you could go faster around the corners … which will you choose?


If you want to race and be part of this ground breaking historic series, to find out more click HERE

 ENTER THE RACE HERE Race to be added soon but you can sign up to CADEsport here now. Be sure to join the West London VR Social Group in CADEsport, which allows you to select our kit in game.

If you wanna watch, live or later, use the links above … on screen thrills and skillz !