BREAKING NEWS: Big show in Windsor as West London Cycling All-Stars appear live in harmony with the sound of Buzzy Hunt and the Freehubs; Shocking chain break roadside horror derails Robert’s Ride; Evans Cycles win Bikeshop of the Day Award after heroic paramechanics save the day.

CORONATION LATEST: Breaking news as Shimano links give way near Taplow

Ahhh, the winds of fate can be cruel, but sometimes twists of fate can deliver joy too ….. shortly after Robert Melton’s chain decided to fight the power then twisted and he shouted, we found Evans Cycles in Taplow open which made the journey home a summer breeze …. Dorney Reach was reached, with a particularly long social in a very pleasant atmosphere and the sun even came out …. This old heart of mine loved it, you know when it’s your thing.

Still, time for some (Isley Brothers free) photos: