Do you suffer from insomnia in summer? Try the elixia of the theraputic Rustington Rave for night owls, a pedaling potion mixed with invigorating sea air and the healing powers of a traditional breakfast. Dosage: To be taken at midnight in May. Can be enhanced with Audax supplement. Doctors don’t recommend it but what do they know?

For your health, wellbeing and enjoyment we are running a Night Ride on Friday/Saturday 12th/13th May …. A great night out, escapism whilst partying to the sound of freehubs and a flashing rear lights lightshow, you might even like to take an E (Energy Gel) or two for maximum pleasure … an all-night cycle rave to embrace and free youself from the daily grind and pressures of modern day urban life.

We ride down to the coast, starting at midnight, a couple of 24 hour garage stops to top up bottles and replenish your nosebags, culmnating with breakfast in Littlehampton. The ride continues to Brighton where we are catching the train home, however, you can get the train from Littlehampton and cut the ride down from 197km to around 160km.

Those collecting Audax points will want to do 200km so we suggest that if you can clock up 3 or 4 km before the start, then this should do the trick. We note that if you start from the White Bear in Ruislip (on the Ickenham High Road) then it makes 200km so we suggest an earlier 11.30pm rendezvous at the White Bear for Audax DIYers, who can then ride down to the Polish War Memorial for the midnight start. Remember when entering your DIY that the date is different depending on whether you start before or after midnight. Audax controls; (1) Eashing 74km (2) North Heath 108 km (3) Shoreham 140km (4) Littlehampton 165 km (5) Brighton 200km



A midnight flight from the Polish War Memorial departure lounge, an economy class (it’s free) 197km ride, or around 160km if you get the train home from Littlehampton.

Our view is that the train from Brighton is a better choice as it is cheaper and there are direct lines to Farringdon where we can change onto the Metropolitan or Elizabeth Lines for West London or other London Termini.

THE RUSTINGTON RAVE NIGHT RIDE FRIDAY/SATURDAY 12th / 13th MAY at Midnight from Polish War Memorial (or 11.30pm from the White Bear Ruislip)