The West London VR Ladies Leagues, now 2 online racing Leagues on different VR platforms on Wednesdays …. Specifically designed speciality leagues to be spectacularly ridden!

We have had some great Ladies League championships so far, but now there are two!

We race every Wednesday at 7.30pm UK time alternatively on either WahooRGT or CADEsport. The former has a slightly different scoring system, as it is more power dependent, whereas CADEsport is more skillz based. But each series is based on your six best results, so you can go away on vacation and miss a week if you need to!



ENTER RACE 7.3 ON WahooRGT on Wedensday 10th May HERE

West London VR’s online racing series have, by design, taken female inclusive unisex race series to a different level …. as we write, the more skillz based unisex General Classificationon CADEsport is led by a lady, whilst the more power based WahooRGT Series has a unique points scoring system which incentivises women sprinting against males to score extra Ladies League points …. read on to find out more!

Both series facilitate steering (which is why we chose them) and CADEsport has braking and crashing too. You can switch these options off, but if you gain cornering skillz in CADEsport you will be able to take corners faster, but risk crashing.


Our guide to online steering set up


WEST LONDON VR SERIES SEVEN LADIES LEAGUES Run across both Championships, the points from your six best rides in each championship will be counted towards that series’ championship and the female rider with the most points at the end of the series will win each competition and progress to the Ladies World e-Steering Championship Play Off Final. It is possible to augment your score by bettering your current 6th best result. 

SCORING LADIES LEAGUE POINTS IN RACES (Slightly different in each league)

WAHOO RGT: The leading lady in any race gets 100 points with each subsequent female finisher getting 100 minus the number of places further back in the unisex race they finish. This keeps the incentive to beat men in the sprints because by beating men, you can score more points in the Ladies League. So, if the second lady finisher finishes twenty places behind the first, she gets 80 points and so on…. Our aim is to have Ladies Races where the girls can enjoy the benefits of the peleton, enjoy sprints and don’t end up isolated and solo on the course. It’s a unique concept West London Cycling have evolved to make it more fun for everyone.

CADEsport: The leading lady in any race gets 100 points with each subsequent female finisher getting 11 point les than the female rider on front of her. The reason we are doing CADEsport one slightly differently from the WahooRGT races is that power is less key in winnig races, as skillz play a big part in it.

The Ladies League is based on your best six results from the 13 in the series, so you don’t even have to take part in every race.