Cracking Carnage on CADEsport as we see just how brilliant racing on this innovative platform can be … watch the Race 7.6 video here

We designed this route with three laps of gratuitous tight bends, it would really test a rider’s skillz and it absolutely lived up to the billing, the South Ruislip Steer was a fantastic race, so entertianing and frustrating in equal measures.

Of course, instinctively nobody wants to crash, but once you’ve ridden CADEsport you realise that it makes it really engaging. One day this will be the normal way to race online, byut you can enjoy the future now.

Three riders stayed up more, and got up more quickly when they crashed, Christian Weidmann, Malcolm Murdoch and the amazing TopJimmy making his debut. Christian superbly denied Malcolm on the line in a close finish but what a ride by Jimmy. We should also mention the superb ride by Denmark’s Vbeke Bartram, what a lady! Uncharacteristically Vanessa had a lot of crashes but hauled herself to fifth place, whilst CC rivals Homer and Erhan both had disappointing results on this tricky course … it’s great fun ….. watch the video!

Race 7.6 South Ruislip SteerPoints
1Christian Wiedmann100
2Malcolm Murdoch99
4Vibeke Bertram97
5Vanessa M96
6Homer Thompson95
7Frank Garcia94
8Kay Thompson93
9Rene Valadez92
10Andy Evans91
12Mathew Champlin89


Vanessa Mauerhan582
Homer Thompson574
Erhan Konakhlar566
Frank Garcia553
Andy Evans471
Rene Valadez469
Christian Wiedman395
Malcolm Murdoch384
Brett Smith374
Andy Weber372
Kay Thompson368
Vibeke Bertram290
Sebastian Kuehn196
Mark Armstrong-Allard183
Baz Mistry182
Kamaljeet Singh174
Top Jimmy98
Timothy Termont96
Eugene Korole92
Lisa Snell91
Mathew Champlin89
Lee Hermann88
Jeff the Looney87
Bonnie Siedemann86
Antonio McCullough85
Guy Fahey84


Vanessa Mauerhan582
Kay Thompson368
Vibeke Bertram290
Lisa Snell91
Bonnie Siedemann86