It’s a West London WednesCADE Wednesday … get in! Race 7.6 at 7.30pm UK Time on CADEsport

Be one of the first riders ever to race the all new South Ruislip Steer course on CADEsport … Wednesday 14th June at 7.30pm UK Time on CADEsport

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Even the worst can be the first on the South Ruislip Steer …. racing for everyone! You don’t need to be the strongest or the smartest, but a lil’ bit of shrewd thinking and strategy makes CADEsport races special. Pro Power gives everyone a chance …. this is racing for the people!

The race is the all new South Ruislip Steer route and there are four Power Ups, two giving you 20 seconds extra power and the other 20 seconds immunity from Corner Crashing.

GET YOUR FIX, ON ROUTE 7.6 … a bespoke course constructed on CADE Replicator for West London Cycling

Well if you ever plan to cycle West,

Travel our way, take the Cadeway, that’s the best,

Get your kicks on Route 7.6 ….

Well it winds from South Ruislip on Wednesday.

More than two thousand pixels all the way,

Get your kicks on Route 7.6

We’ve been on our smart trainers since the CADEsport devs produced the latest bespoke course for the West London VR Series …. The South Ruislip Steer.

Below, you will find two videos, one on the CADEsport online version and another on the real life roads on which the course is based. In fact, if you ride the online CADEsport version, then Strava will show your route on the Ruislip map … how cool is that?

In fact, anyone can test and practice the course as it is now available as a ‘Map’ (course in the Activities section of CADEsport ) and we recommend having a practice before the race on Wednesday 14th June at 7.30pm (UK Time).

The course has a few tricky sharp bends on which you could crash, particularly just before the finish line.

You don’t need to pre-enter the race, but you can Schedule it in your CADEsport account. You can also apply to join the West London Cycling group which will make the kit available to you too.

CADEsport course preview here:

Real Life race preview here:

Race 7.6 has 4 power ups … two Power Plants giving you 20 seconds more power each and two corner capers which stop you crashing on corners for 20 seconds each. The race is 16km long over a real life residential area in the West of London. CADEsport have replicated the route in the their Replicator feature exclusively for West London Cycling.

You can join the race on Wednesday 14th at 7.30pm UK Time (we recommend joining earlier to allow for any updates and new route downloads on the day) and also test out the course and get to know it in advance. The race is in the Activities section on CADEsport and you can Schedule it now. To test the route in advance, go to maps and scroll down to the South Ruislip Steer course.

Select West London VR Skillz 7.6 from the activities and Schedule it in CADEsport


Remember that CADEsport now has ASSISTS which means you can turn off the steering and braking etc if you’d rather not take on the extra skillz. One word of warning though, the riders employing steering and braking skillz will be able to take corners faster, albeit with the risk of crashing!