Sign up for the West London VR team in CHASE THE YELLOW … It’s your chance to be a Tour de France rider thrugh July …. get in!

We are looking to enter a team in the upcoming CHASE THE YELLOW on Wahoo RGT

The routes are shortened versions of actual Tour de France stages and take place on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at various times … we need a team of six riders, but only three are needed for each stage and you can choose your race timeslot on the day. You won’t necessarily need to race three times a week.

The three fastest team rider times are taken, whether they all rode at 7pm or chose other timeslots … we have (incorrectly) stated below that races start at 7pm UK time but there are other times to cater for international riders, so you are allowed to race in the other race timeslots if needed.

If you are up for it, Email Dave.MorrisonR@gmail to join in the fun and we’ll register you in the team.