West London VR on Indie Velo – Sign Up Now!

The response tom the new Zwift Style online racing platform IndieVelo has been very positive, not least because it seems so glitch free, feels real and smooth … yet it’s main IP is that it wil be fairer than Zwift with it’s built in checks and balances to keeep out the cheats. It’s early days but it’s getting a lot of ‘thumbs up’ and there is still plenty more to be added to this embryonic platform. You can sign up for Beta Testing for free now!

We have set up a West London Team, so please let us know once you’ve signed up and we can add you to the West London VR family! Details of kit and a preview video can be reached by scrolling down this post





Free Beta Testers can configure the kit to a West London VR approximation in the excellent kit configuration facility on Indie Velo. Paying subscribers can choose the full official West London VR kit

Naturally, all of the start ups have a lot of catching up to do, but each has its own particular focus and INDIE VELO aims to be a much ‘safer’ and ‘fairer’ racing platform with checks and balances that Zwift simply doesn’t have … fairer racing is the current USP. But it’s other aspects that have impressed us, it works smoothly and robustly, seems to load quickly and, we think, actually has a lot going for it for non-racers too, especially when it adds more features. Unlike CADEsport and WahooRGT the routes are interconnected so that you can carry on riding onto other parts of the IndieVelo virtual world. In fact, like Zwift, it is based on an island and a lot of the way the functionality and info is laid out is similar to Zwift. Anyone transferring from Zwift will find it easy to use, but we think it is also naturally intuitive for anyone from any platform. It will develop over time of course, so there will be lots more features added. Meanwhile, a standout feature for us, that is already there, is the kit configuration tool … we managed to make a plain kit look like a West London VR kit (without the logos) … how cool is that? Oh, and did we mention that it has a wind factor added in to the ride? Why not try the Beta Testing version for free now? Don’t take our word for it, try it, this is a platform with great potential, let the journey begin!