Double delight as Duck and Dunwich offer different distances, days, districts and difficulties.

With riders off doing the overnight Dunwich Dynamo ride (and back) it was great to see a good turnout for the, ever poplar Fat Duck, Fine Riding course on our Sunday Ride from the Polish War Memorial and we have the pictures below.

Further down you can see a selection from the Dunwich Delegation, starting at 6pm Saturday evening from the Polish War Memorial, there was an Urban ride across to Hackney where TeeCee, Baz and Bryn joined us to wave us off, leaving the main posee to spearhead their way to Dunwich.

This year’s DunRun was incident filled as Ian Nguru’s crank fell off at Regent’s Park on the way to Hackney, running repairs needed for the next 400km! Aydin Aksoy had the worst fate, when descending a hill, another rider, with audio speakers attached, hit a pothole and one of their speakers fell off and hit Aydin’s real wheel …. not what you want on a fast descent and neither was the resultant broken arm … six weeks off the bike! We all wish you well Aydin and look forward to seeing you back on your bike soon. Meanwhile, Dave Morrison’s electric shifters packed in, over 200km single speed but at least East Anglia isn’t too hilly!

Well done to all the Dunrun riders, between 300km and 400km overnight per rider, depending on their trip home with no sleep … well, maybe except the odd power nap in McDonalds!