West London VR presents MONDAY MALARKEY on Indie Velo. Here’s the provisional schedule for Series One … 10 smash and grab online races for thrills, skillz and minimal hills! Funky, Fast and Furious Fun.

We are currently honing Series One of West London VR’s Monday Malarkey on Indie Velo but here’s where we are so far after one test race (feedback welcome). We are planning a first series of 10 races plus two more test races before we start so you (and we) can get familiar with the exciting new Indie Velo platform. A summary of the current ‘state of play’ is set out below and further down some short videos to help you explore Indie Velo:

  1. We will run a general classification and a Ladies League classification.
  2. Ladies will race in the same race as the men but we’ll need to extract their results to allocate points based on relative position, counting down from the first Lady Rider to finish. This is our unique and original formula as you may have seen elsewhere and it works well.
  3. We will not be selecting the full trainer effect option following feedback from the first test race.
  4. There will be two more test events on Monday 10th and Monday 17th July … please support these and give us sensible feedback. Remember that they are tests!
  5. The First series will commence on Monday 24th July.
  6. The first series will be 10 weeks, but future series’ will be 13 races.
  7. We will award trophies, as we do in other series’.
  8. A team competition is unlikely in Series One … but is on the agenda moving forward.
  9. Races will be short, similar to those we already run, and we are not deliberately going to include tricky hills etc.
  10. We probably won’t broadcast early races live, but we do intend to record them with commentary and publish them on YouTube after the race.