Monday Malarkey from West London Cycling is up and running as Tim Humpton romps home …. Series One off to a cracking start!

We are thrilled about the prospects for Indie Velo and, reassuringly, we got a great turn out of great riders for the very first Monday malarkey Series Race … the man going down in history is Tim Humpton as winner of Race 1.1 and the first person to lead a Monday Malarkey Series.

One of the other delights was that Lee Louie finally overcame her incredible run of Techanicals and completed the race to take the lead in Ladies league with 100 point. But don’t worry Ladies, you can still make up ground as Ladies League is based on your best six races, and there are 9 left in the series.

Fantastic turnouts from R3R, Saddle Drunk and West London VR , with CLS, OTR and Moon Riders well represented too.

These races are designed for everyone and we expect the race to divide into sub-groups so that you end up racing with a suitable peer group. In that context, a special shout-out for Pete Mills, who produced a stunning sprint to grab 14th place and 87 points.

The results are below, in future we will also show a Classification Table for the series to date, but it is the same as the race, being the first race.


1100Tim HumptonElectricspirit.coUSA960.61
299Erwin SprengersCLSNED964.953
398Dan Stimson – R3RRace3RGBR965.123
497Rene MeijerRestartNED965.135
596Rob Miller – R3RRace3RUSA965.151
695Stevie Couper SCO965.61
794Stuart LampAllied EnduranceUSA966.184
893Jeppe Snæver R3RRace3RDEN967.242
992Tony Martin  Lake GBR967.517
1091Even Øistensen – R3RRace3RNOR1032.616
1190Mike Lister-R3RRace3RGBR1065.535
1289Alex Gold – SDRTSaddleDrunk.ccGBR1113.17
1487Peter MillsSaddleDrunk.ccGBR1189.618
1586Clive Byham – OTR OTRNIR1190.529
1685Tomasz Poniatowski Moon RidersPOL1190.554
1784B SmithWest London VRGBR1191.522
1883Andy EvansWest London VRGBR1192.3
1982Lee PerryWest London VRSCO1287.415
2081  (100 LL)Lee Louie – Team CLSCLSUSA1416.293