Wow! The Indie Velo show is gettin’ bigger and bigger … Tim Humpton does it again but David Hawkins and Nick Greenhalgh nearly caught him on the line …. it’s gettin hot on here! Lee Louie remains Queen of the Mondays.

NEXT RACE MONDAY 7th August at 7.30pm UK Time

This is serious fun right? Well it sure is based on this fun packed blast both on the course and behind the scenes. Just watch the race, another great win by Tim Humpton but David Hawkins and Nick Greenhalgh ran him close. Nevertheless, sorry leaders, hero of the day was undoubtedly Gordon Jackson … watch the video to see why.



1Tim HumptonUSA1286.0620100Male
2David HawkinsSaddleDrunk.ccIRL1286.3660.30399Male
3Nick GreenhalghRasio RacingGBR1286.4770.41498Male
4Dan Stimson – R3RRace3RGBR1286.7180.65697Male
5Alex Pleger – яʀRasio RacingGER1287.4721.40996Male
6Rob Miller – R3RRace3RUSA1291.2855.22295Male
7Erwin SprengersCLSNED1320.60734.54494Male
8Alex Gold – SDRTSaddleDrunk.ccGBR1323.14937.08793Male
9Stevie CouperGlasgow UnitedSCO1323.3837.31792Male
10Jeppe Snæver R3RSystechDEN1323.55437.49191Male
11Rasmus FeldballeeCKDDEN1324.01237.9590Male
12King Tubby R3RUrban UrchinsAUS1325.04838.98589Male
13Even Øistensen – R3RR3RNOR1376.16490.10188Male
14bl4z praperSLO1376.40490.34287Male
15Peter MillsSaddle DrunkGBR1378.98292.91986Male
16Top JimmyWest London VRGBR1379.06493.00185Male
17Tony Martin  LakeindieVelo Founders ClubGBR1379.26793.20484Male
18GORDON JACKSONOTRGBR1448.163162.10183Male
19Karl-Axel Zander PerssonSWE1475.559189.49782Male
20Geoff DesmondFeel Good RacingGBR1477.747191.68581Male
21B SmithWest London VRGBR1478.847192.78480Male
22Ingmar van Bers  ЯƦRasio RacingNED1479.078193.01679Male
23Clive Byham – OTRSystechNIR1479.836193.77478Male
24Tomasz PoniatowskiPOL1481.83195.76777Male
25Andy EvansWest London VRGBR1598.372312.3176Male
26Lee PerryWest London VRSCO1598.411312.34975Male
27Andy WalkerSCO1599.404313.34274Male
28Neil Pugh – OTR eRacingindieVelo Founders ClubGBR1603.303317.2473Male
29Lee Louie – Team CLSCLSUSA1810.977524.91572Female
30Jonesy AlWAL1834.651548.58971Male
31Lisa sWest London VRGBR2148.534862.47170Female

So, let’s put our cards on the table, we’re all new to Indie Velo and we love the ‘seat of the pants’ fun we are having putting on these new races on a new platform. It is just amazing how well this embryonic platform works. We have been involved with several platforms over the years and none have been this smooth and glitch free in their early days … take a bow George Gilbert.

As much as we like unpredictable, hap hazard fun, sometimes we have to hold our hands up and explain what happened. Indie Velo launched their teams facility literally hours befor our race and we decided to see how it worked … at the last minute. Two unfortunate side issues occurred which should be sorted for the next race, but we apologise … neither are particularly significant, but we will get them sorted out with Indie Velo’s support. Firstly, the race did not affect your rankings, not a big deal, but we will correct this. Secondly, a bi-product of the way we set up the teams was that some of you were allocated to ‘made-up’ teams … don’t worry we will look at ways around this.