Frankie Snell fails in bid for club puncture record as West London dodge the rain in a Sunday ride spectacular!

Despite a brilliant attempt, clocking up 5 inner tubes, Specialized’s Frankie Snell ultimately failed in his attempt to surpass Gautam Thakkar’s long standing record of 8 punctures in one ride. Great attempt Frankie, bad luck though!

In a day of various mechanicals and punctures, interjected with some occasional sunshine and showers, although most riders missed the rain, only realiseing it had rained when reaching roads with lots of fresh puddles. But terminal issues for Marlon and Nargis sllightly marred an, otherwise, superb day out with stops at Blackwells and The Rusty Bike for coffee and cake.

As the great 1980s Frankie Beverley and Maze anthem goes … ‘Joy and Pain, like Sunshine and Rain’ ..which kinda sums up the day really!