Monday Malarkey by West London VR FIRST TEAM RESULTS from Race 1.3

We are not sure whether we should congratulate BHC for the win or Indie Velo for turning around the platform and getting our Team Competion format to work at the first time of asking for some tweaks … amazing … well done both.

We will test it again a couple more times before creating a classification over the series, but the idea is that you can have as many team members as you like, but only the top two finishers from your team score points. The points awarded are the same as they were awarded in the General Classification.

We feel that this gives smaller teams a chance and also does not compel teams to find, say, four or six riders every week.

You will only pick up points if you are registered to your team in Indie Velo, we will not attribute points to riders from a team unless their team points are showing in Indie Velo, which requires registration. If you are looking for a team, please let us know as West London VR welcome any new riders .. email

Only paying subscribers to Indie Velo get access to their team’s official kit, but it is quite easy to co-ordinate an approximation through Indie Velo’s excellent kit options!



RESULTS RACE 1.3 – 42 starters and 41 Finishers

PositionNameTeamCountryTimeDeltaTimeTeam Points (first 2 riders)
1Sören LindnerBHCGER1416.9650100
2Tim HumptonElectricspirit.coUSA1418.0261.0699
3Morten VaengNOR1426.1029.13698
4Nick GreenhalghRasio RacingENG1426.3599.39397
5Matt JamesElectricspirit.coGBR1426.4439.47896
6Zeb NormanElectricspirit.coUSA1427.09210.1260
7Dan Stimson – R3RRace3RGBR1427.16410.19894
8Karl-Axel Zander PerssonSWE1429.13512.1793
9Kevin BarclaySCO1429.8712.90592
10Daniel KehrerBHCGER1435.25618.29191
11Sven – Kesi – DreseBHCGER1486.58569.6190
12Jeppe Snæver R3RRace3RDEN1486.91669.9589
13Igor KopseRasio RacingSLO1522.598105.6320
14Stevie CouperGlasgow UnitedSCO1523.655106.6890
15Rob Miller – R3RRace3RUSA1528.233111.2670
16Alex Gold – SDRTSaddleDrunk.ccGBR1541.152124.18785
17Moreno CecconADRITA1550.332133.3660
18King Tubby R3RRace3RAUS1550.942133.9760
19Kev Opele NZBRONZ BRONZL1551.086134.1282
20Anders JönssonSWE1552.554135.5880
21Top JimmyWest London VRGBR1553.193136.22780
22Tony Martin  LakeindieVelo Founders ClubGBR1553.243136.27779
23Even Øistensen – R3RRace3RNOR1560.283143.3180
24Thobias BjörkWest London VRSWE1640.693223.72777
25GORDON JACKSONOTRGBR1659.954242.9880
26Ingmar van Bers  ЯƦRasio RacingNED1660.35243.38475
27Dafydd WilliamsGBR1660.572243.6060
28Julien Andr̩ РFoudreFoudreFRA1687.352270.38673
29Romain Vauchel – FoudreFoudreFRA1688.172271.20672
30Aileen DavidsonWest London VRGBR1689.79272.8250
31Peter Mills SDRTSaddleDrunk.ccGBR1696.333279.36770
32Zapp BranniganGER1840.113423.1480
33Clive Byham – OTROTRNIR1840.648423.6820
34Lee PerryWest London VRSCO1869.733452.7680
35Tomasz PoniatowskiWest London VRPOL1889.623472.6570
36Andy EvansWest London VRGBR1904.185487.2190
37Neil Pugh – OTR eRacingindieVelo Founders ClubGBR1926.146509.1864
38Jonesy AlWAL2094.536677.5710
39Lee LouieCLSUSA2134.45717.48462
40Finn BraskDEN2253.521836.5560
41Lisa sWest London VRGBR2659.9441242.9780