Chiltern Velo, our Sunday Ride is a coffee stop favourite … save something for the day after though! Sunday 20th August 9am at the Polish War Memorial

You can’t really argue that Chiltern Velo is anything other than a gem of a cycling cafe in our Chiltern hinterlands, and nicely reachable too. So, twenty four hours before our big Randonax event on Bank Holiday Monday, we’ll be pedallying out there to enjoy their hospitality, coffee and cakes.

Just turn up at 9am at the Polish War Memorial (A40 Ruislip / Northolt) with the route downloaded on your device. To get the route you need to sign up (free – see button above to subscribe) and then you’ll have access to our routes via the members’ zone tab above (choose routes and rides).

We decide on the day as to how many groups we split into, it really depends on who turns up. The faster groups will usually do the longer of the two options with the aim of us all reaching coffee stops at similar times.

OPTION ONE The Chiltern Velo Hawridge Haste 79km

OPTION TWO: The Chiltern Velo Hawridge Haul 88km