If it says Malarkey on the tin ….. expect malarkey …. Let’s be honest, we all love the fun of a fiasco and nobody got hurt ….. Monday Malarkey Race 1.8 … what a state and wasn’t it great?

New pacer feature, neutralized start, update on the morning of the race …. what could possibly go wrong?

Well, quite a lot it seems, but we won’t forget tonight in a hurry. We all dine-out on disaster stories and just like that awful holiday story you love to tell at parties, we now have Monday Malarkey Race 1.8. In actual fact, it was a great race, and we recommend watching the video, if only to see just how the new neutralized start feature with a pacer works.

Things didn’t get off to the best of starts when, with minute to go to the start, everyone’s kit was replaced with some fictitious team kits. We later found out why, it is to do with the settings but we are slightly bemused as we would not have deliberately set the team settings as they were set … we are not sure who is culpable, it may be us, but it didn’t stop the race, it just meant everyone had the wrong kit on. Oh, and we’ll have to work out the team results manually.

Monday Malarkey may be bot free, but we never said it was botch free! We may have set up the teams function incorrectly, but hey, we are Beta learning right now! It’s partly why we held back the Teams Classification for Series Two

Some riders did find it hard to pick their avatar out as so many riders were allocated the same kit, and this may have contributed to the messy lead out ………………. ahem, yes, the neutralized start leadout pacer thing was fun wasn’t it?

Riders kept overtaking the lead out pacer rider, which has the effect of slamming on their brakes and dropping them back behind the bunch. This isn’t too bad if the pacer is still setting the pace, but time it wrong and it could cost you the race. It’s worth watching the race video and also our explainer video (scroll down) too, to get a good understanding of how it works.

Meanwhile, John Sammut won with an amazing sprint from nowhere, another reason to watch the video.

Finally, the results spreadsheet didn’t quite format correctly and we spent hours manually doing the standings and, with apologies there are no times on the results below.

But in the end, it was a fantastic race and we had a load of fun as we always do on Monday Malarkey! Join us every Monday for a bit of Monday Malarkey

Watch the race with commentary here:


1John SammutPocomotionGBR100
2Morten Vaeng  KALAS EsrtKALAS ErstNOR99
3Karl-Axel Zander PerssonSWE98
4Rob MillerR3RUSA97
5Dan StimsonR3RUSA96
6Tim HumptonElectric SpiritUSA95
7Even ØistensenR3RNOR94
8Jørgen van Bers – яʀRasio RacingNED93
9Zeb NormanElectric SpiritUSA92
10Rasmus FeldballeeCykle Klub DanmarkDen91
11Top JimmyWest London VRGBR90
12Clive Byham – OTROTRNIR89
14Tony Martin  LakeindieVelo Founders ClubGBR87
15Andy WalkerWest London VRSCO86
16Peter Mills SDRTSaddle DrunkGBR85
17Lee LouieCLSUSA84