West London VR Series Seven finale on Wednesday 27th September 7.30pm UK Time on Wahoo RGT … whose gettin’ the shiny stuff?




Race 7.13 brings Series Seven of West London VR to its finale, the 91st West London VR Race oner 3.5 years on Wahoo RGT. We hope to make 100 races in January but with the bleak outlook for WahooRGT’s survial we can also off our fantastic Monday races on Indie Velo MONDAY MALARKEY should Wahoo RGt disappear. The Indie Velo Races have already completed a season and Season Two starts on Monday 2nd October at 7.30pm UK Time on Indie Velo.

We are committed to Season Eight on Wahoo RGT but with Wahoo’s adultorous relationship with all things orange, severe doubt remains that Wahoo will continue t support RGT. We shall see.

So, make the most of RGT whilst it lasts, Race 7.13 is on Wednesday 27th September at 7.30pm UK Time and Series 8 starts on Wednesday 4th November at 7.30pm UK Time.

If you win a trophy in any series we will need your address to send the Trophy to, please email dave.morrisonR@gmail.com.

Trophies for Top three GC and Ladies League, the Winner in Best of Six, and the Teams categories

West London VR is one of the most establshed and long running race series on RGT, thse are dark days for RGT but we have been with the platform for a long time as our 91 race record shows. We are here for you, we do this free of charge, give out trophies free of charge, we have created many concepts, ideas and protocols …. and we get imitated … but we do it for the community!