Monday Malarkey by West London VR: Michelin Tyred Fine Riding for people with taste, and a smart trainer … 10 Course Racing Menu with Trainer Pairing for Cycling Tourmets ….. Next Fine Riding Monday 23rd October at 7.30pm UK Time on Indie Velo …. Tables available for Men, Women and Teams, you may struggle to find a ‘waiter’ though … We especially cater for people with Bot Allergy


Oh what fun we have on Indie Velo with Monday Malarkey … We did test races, then Series One, and here we now a quarter of the way through Series Two already. It’s been a ball, Indie Velo have been so supportive and behind the scenes things have just got better and better…. great strides have been made.

It is a privilidge to be running Indie Velo’s longest running Race Series and it is a privildge have seen so may of the great riders on the scene support us throughout the summer. As things evolve into winter, things lookset to get very exciting and we are really looking forward to Race 2.4 on the Loched and Loaded course …. some hills here guys!

The action starts at 7.30pm on Monday 23rd October on Indie Velo …. be there or despair!