Monday Malarkey Series Two Race 2.11: The 11th Race on the 11th December with Even Oistensen, Twickenham CC and Ingmar Van Bers all occupying 11th place in various standings …. who will finish 11th on Monday 11th December in race 2.11 starting at 7.30pm UK Time on IndieVELO?

As a novelty idea we did actually consider offering 5 bonus points for finishing 11th but thought it might be a bit disruptive and decided not to …. but, yes, the 11th race falls on 11th December and with just two races left, it’s getting hot up top ……

We are nearly at the end of Series Two of Monday Malarkey … be part of the 2023 revolutions revolution … the year we found Indievelo, make sure you can say you were part of it! Be in the pen for Race 2.11, Monday 11th December at 7.30pm UK Time.

As Race 2.11 is on the flat Coastal Loop course, make sure your towel is with you, bum lotion applied, your home heating is set to summer temperatures and get set to Malarkee!

Just two more races in Series Two of Monday Malarkey, and then it’s Christmas. Of course, we understand that many riders will not be fit and available on Christmas Day (25th December) for family, gastronomic and alcoholic reasons, so there will be no points awarded for the race that day. But, just in case you’ve had a spat with your relations or are home alone, we are putting on a race anyway.

And before then, the climax of series two …. it’s getting exciting, time to get riding …. don’t miss out!



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