Weather Forecasts? Pah! But didn’t we have some fun? Another new cafe in the wind and rain made great by fantastic company … it must be a West London Cycling ride. Festive 500 update and gallery for your digestion online:

Day Five of the Festive 500 and congratulations to Hang Pang, the first to complete 500km, and in only 5 days!

The morning ride, despite a dry weather forecast, was like riding in a power shower with heavy rain and strong winds, but spirits were kept up and marginal gains were made by all participants!

Scroll down for the lastest progrss update and today’s ride gallery.

Tomorrow’s Ride:

Starts 9am Polish War Memorial (A40 Ruislip / Northolt)


TotalDay OneDay TwoDay ThreeDay FourDay Five
Aydin Aksoy35.64%178.2164.5850.3263.310.000.00
Baz Mistry51.69%258.4359.9547.1063.6287.760.00
Brett Smith52.69%263.4651.4150.2980.6846.2734.81
Bryn Evans88.15%440.76150.970.00204.970.0084.82
Cathal Kenneally60.90%304.480.0060.7084.8891.9666.94
Dave Morrison67.82%339.1214.4067.4078.20100.6878.44
Jas Gill34.18%170.91170.910.
Kay Green57.87%289.3367.600.0071.5486.4163.78
Hang Pang100.65%503.24136.0855.30127.4666.27118.13
Richard Hall60.03%300.14127.4159.95112.780.000.00
Steve Green58.74%293.7068.220.0072.3386.4166.74
Stu Thorn56.14%280.69110.9035.9087.4425.1321.32
Tee Cee41.33%206.6566.900.0069.880.0069.87
Tim Sollesse6.00%30.0030.
Tony Davis55.51%277.53100.0050.3037.1290.110.00
Tony McEvoy27.20%136.0067.000.0069.000.000.00

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