The Coy Carp Caper rounds off the year, the Festive 500 and what a reception at the Coy Carp … thank you so much Dorosthy Teng!

We have to say, the Coy Carp was such a brilliant venue to round off this year, and thank you for the generous and kind hospitality laid on by Dorosthy Teng and the Coy Carp team who laid on cake and coffee … wow!

Well done everyone who completed the Festive 500, especially Kay Green who finished off with a short local ride despite her injuries from yesterday’s crash…amazing!

2023 has been a great year, the ride to Paris, night rides, Dunwich Dynamo, L’Etape du Tour, PBP, Brighton rides, the Randonax and so much more, but there is even more set up for 2024; Be part of the West London Scene!

And your gallery from today (scroll down for final Festive 500 totals):


TotalDay OneDay TwoDay ThreeDay FourDay FiveDay SixDay SevenDay Eight
Aydin Aksoy74.78%373.8864.5850.3263.310.000.000.00125.0470.63
Baz Mistry78.23%391.1459.9547.1063.6287.760.0075.540.0057.17
Brett Smith108.03%540.1651.4150.2980.6879.3280.9875.17122.310.00
Bryn Evans132.58%662.88150.970.00204.970.0084.82222.120.000.00
Cathal Kenneally100.20%501.000.0060.7084.8891.9666.9475.28121.240.00
Dave Morrison104.98%524.8914.4067.4078.20100.6878.4468.69117.080.00
Jas Gill77.18%385.90170.910.
Kay Green100.27%501.3667.600.0071.5486.4163.7866.04133.8012.19
Hang Pang100.65%503.24136.0855.30127.4666.27118.
Steve Green114.33%571.6468.220.0072.3386.4166.7466.40136.0975.45
Stu Thorn99.17%495.84110.9035.9087.4425.1321.3255.7288.3471.09
Tee Cee77.25%386.2466.900.0069.880.0069.8764.66114.930.00
Tim Sollesse6.00%30.0030.
Tony Davis100.31%501.54100.0050.3037.1290.1140.1468.53115.340.00
Tony McEvoy51.60%258.0067.000.0069.000.000.0065.000.0057.00

There are loads of events happening in 2024, be part of the West London Scene