So, what is a Reliability Ride then? Come and find out on Saturday 2nd March from the Rusty Bike Cafe in Uxbridge with West London Cycling. Just £8 entry.

Historically, Reliability Rides were an important feature in the UK Cycling Calendar. Basically they are early season events to test the cyclists’ fitness and bike set up. Designed around routes which should be manageable at the time of year, cycling clubs run these events for the local community.

To compliment our Randonax event in August at the end of the summer, West London Cycling now present the very first Rustynax Reliability Ride from the Rusty Bike Cafe in Uxbridge, on Saturday 2nd March (9am). It’s just £8 entry and includes a Finisher’s Roundel, relective frame sticker and Souvenir Brevet Card. You get the Brevet Card stamped at the cafe stop in Burnham Beeches and at the end, when we present your Finisher’s Roundel!


We have all the main items included in your £8 entry fee ready, Brevet Cards, Reflective Bike Frame Stickers and the sought after Finisher’s Roundel. Route Sheets are prepared and will be printed soon, and we are sorting out a cup of tea or coffee at the start line … yeah, just £8 entry. ENTER NOW!

We recently went out and tested the Rustynax Reliability Rides Routes, starting at around 9am, just as the actual event on 2nd March will do. We are delighted to say all went well and the feedback on the route was very positive…. it’s lookin’ good! 

Set your early season targets now, with the West London Cycling Rustynax Reliability Rides from the iconic Rusty Bike Cafe in Uxbridge on Saturday 2nd March!

Two routes with manageable ascent and spring weather in mind. Cafe start and finish with a cafe stop at Burnham Beeches mid-way. This audax style event requires a bike computer / device for navigation and we will provide entrants with GPX files of the routes about a week before the event. There will be a woven roundel presented to each finisher and you get to keep your souvenir Brevet Card which you’ll need to get stamped at Burnham Beeches and the finish as proof of passage..



Why not get into shape with our upcoming Reliability Ride on 2nd March from Uxbridge?


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