You can have Watergate, but give me a truck and I’ll be great ….. Funky fun on the run with West London Cycling Sunday 17th February 2024

What did we learn today?

1-Don’t stay in bed because it is raining, you may just miss one of the best rides of the year – yeah, this was a fantastic outing!

2-Don’t stray off route after heavy overnight rain.


    As you may have gleaned, a degree of misfortune fell upon the bold and adventurous Tee Cee as he scouted some off-route floodwater that actually turned out to be a 2 feet deep ford (at Fulmer since you asked). Not the nicest of fords even in summer.

    Of course, Tee Cee got a tad damp, shall we say, but whilst the others watched Tee Cee’s brave scouting mission, a pick up truck came along and gave everyone else (and their bikes) a lift through the ford. Lots of fun for everyone (except Tee Cee of course) and it soon displaced the ‘Carry On Whose Got the Biggest Cog’ ooh err Sid James tribute act (well we did ride past Pinewood Studios Matron!) into oblivion as the tears of laughter unfolded to the recounted tales at the Rusty Bike Cafe finish.

    To paraphrase the JBs’ classic tune ‘You can have Watergate, but give me a truck and I’ll be great.

    Yet, as much as we focus on misfortune, this ride was an absolute pleasure in the sunshine, plenty of standing water after the heavy overnight rain but an absolute classic. If you stayed in bed …. you missed a good one! Cafe stop was Velolife at Warren Row.

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