Bohemian Aesthecity … Sunday Ride 10th March

The very first riding of the Chesh of Drawers route was a special day for all the right and wrong reasons, we are having some amazing Sunday Rides recently … if you haven’t been out, you’ve missed some classics!

Eighteen riders, out in the rain with constant rain forecast all day …. you can’t accuse West London Cycling of being a fair weather club can you?

What made this trip was the cafe, it’s like nothing we’ve been to yet (Thanks Tony Flynn for suggesting it) and you really need to join us for the next time we do this very special ride. If you told us that Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan had played at this niche hippie vibed gem, we’d believe you … they haven’t of course, but some talented guitarists have in their early days. Many thanks Richard and the Drawing Room staff for opening early just for West London Cycling … a class act special cafe!

So, who gets Packer of the week, then? The nominees are:

Robert Melton: Best Technical Effects for his role in Multiple Punctures before getting picked up by TC from Denham Station.

Dave Morrison for Best Drama Queen; starring in Tickly Throat and the Sniffles before claiming he couldn’t breathe properly and getting the train home from Chesham.

Adrian Ignat for Best Newcomer with multiple mechanicals and then accidentaly getting on the back of an unrelated group of riders, not knowing us all he didn’t realise and followed them for a while. Eventually realising he was with the wrong people turned back to the cafe and arrived there just as everyone else was leaving …. a series of bad luck persuaded him to join Dave on the Chesham train.

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