ZIG ZAGGED HOVIS ON SATURDAY 30th MARCH (Easter): The long Ride you’ve been longing for … to Bournemouth via Hovis Hill and Zig Zag Hill (train home)…230km.


The cycling season is getting underway and we’re moving onto the big stuff …. a full 200km stonker ….. 230km actually. With 2,000 metres of ascent, it’s not too testing and involves getting a train home from Bournemouth to London at the finish. Perfect for an Audax DIY entry if you want points, but not necessary.

So, why would you want to do this? Because it involves two of Britain’s most iconic climbs, both near Shaftesbury in Dorset: Gold Hill (from the Hovis advert and Zig Zag Hill. If your fitness is up to it, be at the Polish War Memorial at 7am on Saturday 30 March

Audax DIY Controls: Ruislip 0km, Sindlesham 47km, Whitchurch 92km, Wilton 147km, Shaftesbury 181km, Bournemouth 230km

TRAINS (assuming they aren’t on strike or being repaired)

We suggest the 19.59pm train home from Bournemouth.

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