Easter Saturday 230km and there’s Gold in them Hills!

Gus McPherson repped Gold Hill three times, the stats show it is a harder climb on cobbles than the feared Belgian monument that is the Koppenberg, on which many of the top tier riders in the World Tour peleton failed to get up the following day in Ronde an Vlaanderen. (albiet on wet cobbles to be fair).

14 riders, plus Hang Pang for the first 50km, set off on an epic 230km ride from Ruislip to Bournemouth on Saturday 30th March, through floods, mulshed and muddy steep climbs, the famous Gold Hill from the Hovis Adverts and the legendary Zig Zag Hill. In fact, a couple of the lessr known climbs were tougher than Zig Zag Hill. But, these tests around Shaftesbury were the exception rather than the rule, For the most part, this was a swift ride through some wonderful countryside and thatched cottage villages. The weather was good, and this ride will stay in the memories for a long time to come.

Meanwhile, David Tobin was riding from Bournemouth to London and we we met him along the way coming in the other direction.

Here are some pictures to help those our weekend warriors from the West London Tour Peleton remember:

Still to come in 2024, be part of the West London Cycling Scene: