A perfect day? They certainly don’t get much better, West London Sunday Ride; 19 May 2024 – Locked and Loaded

Now, we did hint beforehand that this was a great route, so if you missed this one, well don’t say you weren’t warned. The sunshine and the wonderful company of 27 West London Cyclonauts added to it ….. as Lou Reed once sang, was it a ‘Perfect Day’? Possibly, but it was certainly a ‘Lovely Day’ as Bill Withers once sang.

OK, for the picture title it was a toss up betwen Deep Purple’s ‘Smoke on the Water’ and the Spiritual ‘Wade in the Water’ – popularised in modern times by Ramsey Lewis and Marlena Shaw but also used on the ‘Underground Railroad’ to signal to escaping slaves from the Southern USA that it was safe to cross a river – we went with Deep Purple, one of those iconic guitar riffs, because it converted more easily into a cycling title …… but two geat songs to choose from!

Still to come in 2024; be part of the West London Cycling Scene: