The Good, The Bad and the RGT: The Outlandish Wouter Claes shows True Grit to lead the Magnificant Seven over the line whilst group two’s Wild Bunch Blazing Saddles sprint For a Few Places More thrills in West(ern) London VR Race 5.11

NEXT RACE WEDNESDAY 14th SEPTEMBER ENTER HERE – Flat course Ascot-Legoland But first an apology, we recorded the race this evening but computer gremlins meant that it failed to record … Read More

From COVID to Caledonia, how a bunch of West London locals went from static rides to epic rides, lockdown to lochs and 10 mile rides to a 1,000 mile ride; the iconic London-Edinburgh London

In March 2020, the early days of lockdown meant that cycling was effectivelybanned, so Ruislip’s Dave Morrison started running online rides and races forcyclists with, so called, smart trainers which … Read More