Randonax round up, yup, that was fun!

A big thank you to everyone involved with the 2022 August Bank Holiday Randonax Rides, riders, helpers, route testers and organisers…. and Hang’s wife for the wonderful coconut cakes.

We hope that you had as much fun as we did on the Bank Holiday Randonax Rides, the comments and smiles at the end, suggest that you did …. although we’re sure some of you may be suffering a bit after an epic ride !

The people at the controls thought the riders were wonderful, we thought the people at the controls were wonderful. The weather wasn’t bad, food at the cafe was good, some even enjoyed a Guinness at Blackwell’s on the 70km route we hear. But if there was a catering award, and let’s face it both Curiositea at Pitstone and Blackwell’s at Chipperfield were superb, it falls to Hang Pang’s wife for those brilliant coconut buns. People who missed them at the start were arriving back having heard how good they were and making a beeline for them …. they just vanished!

We thoroughly enjoyed the day, it is so nice when such a decent and appreciative bunch enter an event. It was our privilege to host the event and we will do it again next year. It was West London Cycling’s first birthday, thanks for celebrating with us, all 149 participants from 167 entries, plus 4 non-riding volunteers, Kimchie (the dog), Curiositea staff at Pitstone and Blackwell’s staff at Chipperfield as well as the team at British Cycling..

Great participants make great events, well done all of you.