Clifford French, an inspiration!


It is a special day when Clifford French turns up for a Sunday club ride, but the reality is that he’s probably taking some time off from his demanding schedule of Audax Rides. He is one of West London Cycling’s top audax riders.

As many of you will know, Clifford has been amassing many audax points for West London Cycling in 2022 as the club finished 7th nationally in its very first season. Clifford knocks out 200km rides on a regular basis and this is no mean achievement for the retired school teacher from West London.

Clifford is busy racking up RRTY awards at the moment (Randoneur Round The Year), where a rider must do at least one 200km ride each calendar month for 12 months in succession. It is possible to do them concurrently, so don’t be surprised if you see Clifford notch up more than one in a 12 month period … he’s currently aiming to finish three in April ….. wow!

Being an educated man, Clifford has also taken the trouble to share some of his exploits via his wonderful weblog, THe Sunset Cyclist, and you can enjoy his insights via the link above.