West London Cycling heading for another UK Top 10 Finish in the National Audax Clubs Championship as the final points are awaited … Clifford French is the 2023 WLC Audax Champion

Clifford French is the West London Cycling Audax Champion as he nears his 100 point target (for which Audax UK issue a 100 point trophy) as the club currently sits 7th in the UK Championship with late season events and Paris-Brest-Paris results still to come in. Congratulations to Ellen Lockett, Ladies Audax Champion.

We have no idea how many riders other clubs will have had in Paris-Brest-Paris but we had three finishers, Bryn Evans, Gautam Thakkar and Dave Morrison. Well done to Ellen Lockett on completing her first 1,000km and well done everyone who scored points for West London Cycling in the 2023 Season.