Torrential Rain but the intrepid Rustynaxers turned out and had a great time … and then the rain stopped!

As we put up the flags and banners in torrential rain, we wondered if anyone would actually turn up for this sold out event. Whilst, understandably, the majority stayed at home, 44 riders braved the wet and cold start to be rewarded with a great day out … it stopped raining about half way around and there were even moments of sunshine. Plenty of standing water did not spoil the day and we have been inundated in thanks and compliments … thank you everyone.

However, whilst we understand why many people stayed at home due to the weather, we suspect that many will be disappointed and, given the huge number, we are going to do a ‘no trimmings’ re-run opportunity for all DNS entrants. If you entered but did not start / finish, please check your emails because we will be giving you another chance to get hold of one of those sought after Rustynax Finisher’s Roundels.

Huge thanks to Recycle a Bike who helped with pre-start mechanicals, The Rusty Bike Cafe and Burnham Beeches Cafe for hosting us and all the members of West London Cycling who helped out, with a special mention to David Tobin for manning the Burnham Beeches Control.

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