MONDAY MALARKEY – Best of Six Classification standings now online …. Next up, our ground breaking neutralised start Coastal Loop Race on Monday 11th September on Indie Velo – Bot Free racing on Indie Velo every Monday at 7.30pm UK Time

Check out the Best of Six Classification, it may be Tim Humpton at the top, but it makes interesting reading as you compare it to the General Classification … see … Read More

Pacers for Racers … MONDAY MALARKEY by West London VR on Indie Velo is adding a whole new experience to Race 1.8 … a neutralised start with a pacer … the exciting new feature on Indie Velo (one race only so don’t miss out, join the Malarkey Mob!)

It’s early days on Indie Velo but the platform is so stable, intuitive and smooth that it just oozes class. Of course, there are many features to come but who … Read More

Monday Malarkey Race 1.7 … the Mont Malarkey Mountain Stage that will be remembered for the sprints ….. oh yeah, and commentator confusion from the host back at the Malarkey Mansion Studios.

MONDAY MALARKEY – BOT FREE RACING ON INDIE VELO Ludvic Karlsberg’s sprint for third place was so good it eclipsed Tim Humpton’s amazing burst at the end to deny Morten … Read More

WEST LONDON VR SERIES 8 STARTS WEDNESDAY 4th OCTOBER 2023 at 7.30pm UK Time …. SIGN UP NOW! Featuring our 100th Race as we complete four years of racing on Wahoo RGT!

IT’S BACK! …our eigth series is packed with favourites and another new exotic trip to the Caribbean as Puerto Rico hosts West London VR this time … Puerto Rico a … Read More