The Randonax Rewards start rolling in as our free reflective frame/mudguard sticker manifests in it’s full artistic glory … Your Bank Holiday Randonax Rides from Ruislip, West London, only £10 entry on Monday 28th August 2023

The first of the Randonax Goodies havre rolled off the production line and they are lookin’ good! ENTRIES ARE OPEN, THE ROUTES ARE SET, THE SOUGHT AFTER 2023 FINISHER’S ROUNDEL … Read More

Online Haute Cycloture from West London Cycling … get online and practice the exclusive Race 7.6 course before Wednesday 14th June at 7.30pm UK Time

We’ve been on our smart trainers since the CADEsport devs produced the latest bespoke course for the West London VR Series …. The South Ruislip Steer. Below, you will find … Read More

Get into gear for the South Ruislip Steer, CADEsport delivers it’s made to measure, made for leisure and made for pleasure course for West London VR Race 7.6 on Wedenesday 14th June on CADEsport

CADEsport’s Replicator feature has been back in acation again creating the South Ruislio Steer course ahead of West London VEER Race 7.6 on CADEsport on Wednesday 14th June at 7.30pm … Read More

West London VR, one for the fans as the Northern Hemisphere gets hot and sweaty … but the strong survive another West London VR Blockbuster in the heat!

Watch the race video here Full Series Standings here ENTER RACE 7.6 HERE You can’t keep a good man down, if fact you can’t keep nearly 40 good people down, … Read More

ABC, it’s as easy as Ride with Me, it’s as simple as Doh Reh Me, ABC, 1-2-3 bikey, you and me …. Another brand new route for the West London Sunday Souls; 9am Polish War Memorial (A40 Ruislip / Northolt) ABC (a Bike Ride to Cookham) coffee at Jenners.

Ride with flair in the open air, ride it like you just don’t care, somebody say ‘oh yeah! It’s bike-partytime at West London Cycling as we head out to Cookham … Read More

West London VR Race 7.5 to be seen on screen with word to be heard LIVESTREAM WITH COMMENTARY DETAILS ANNOUNCED for Wednesday 7th June at 7.30pm UK Time

Once again those ZMS maestros are broadcasting live with commentary coverage of West London Race 7.5 on Wednesday 7th of June. Watch or listen as you race or revisit later … Read More