LEL: Bonnie Scotland, Picturesque Pennines , Yorkshire Moors, Lovely Lincolnshire, The Fantastic Fens, Cambridge, Essential Essex and a couple of suspension bridges …. all in a non-stop 1,550km heatwave ride.

Having ridden the ‘thick end’ of 1,550 kilometres it is difficult to remember it all, but three things really will be cemented in the minds of 2022 LEL riders; (1) … Read More

From COVID to Caledonia, how a bunch of West London locals went from static rides to epic rides, lockdown to lochs and 10 mile rides to a 1,000 mile ride; the iconic London-Edinburgh London

In March 2020, the early days of lockdown meant that cycling was effectivelybanned, so Ruislip’s Dave Morrison started running online rides and races forcyclists with, so called, smart trainers which … Read More

Dunwich Dynamo or the Club Ride? ‘Mind Blowin’ Decisions’ for the Heatwave weekend …. Boogie Nights or the usual Groove Line? …. your choice

When Heatwave had a hit with ‘Mind Blowin’ Decisions’ the lyrics were ‘Mind Blowin’ Decisions, causes head on collisions’ but we don’t expect any of those. We’re sure that everyone … Read More